GEVST is the firm of the multidisciplinary artist Gabriela Espinoza Vazquez.

On this website you will find information about Cielo Bocanegra, Teca Sikiri, Tera Volts and Gevst paintings. For the first three check on the section Music.

Feel free to navigate through the tabs to see what Gevst is all about. If you want to know some more, please contact us!

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The first album of Tera Volts "Black Hole" is out! -Learn more here

Cielo Bocanegra (aka Ramon is gone) is available in the Bay area. Reach out for us for a quote.




"Through the creative process we work on our own philosophy, try new paradigms, make reflections of life and reflections of human relations. Nothing could be better than creation itself.

Cognitive and emotional elements can be read trough music, paint, literature, video, sculpture, and many other ways. Art is a way of comunication: artists explore it.

Some of this forms of art have been explored by GEVST."